Now the demand of children regarding the budget, allocation of 9% of GDP on education-health

Union Budget 2023: By the way, the industry, agricultural experts, trade unions along with the financial sector hand over the list of their demands to the Finance Minister every year before the budget. But this time the children have also submitted their list of demands related to the general budget to be presented for the financial year 2023-24 to the government. In which the children have demanded the government to make provision of 6 percent of the GDP on education and 3 percent of the budget on health.

These children, under the leadership of an NGO, have met Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary regarding their demands. In which the children have handed over the Budget for Children Charter to the Minister of State for Finance. This charter has been prepared after mutual discussion among about 3500 children at the local and national level. These children have submitted their list of demands keeping in mind the theme of NINE IS MINE. Which means that 6 percent of GDP on education and 3 percent of GDP on health means that a total of 9 percent of GDP should be spent on creating a better future for children.

The Minister of State for Finance listened carefully to the children during the meeting and assured them that he would put their suggestions before the budget team. He also asked the children to meet the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Women and Child Development Welfare regarding their demands related to the budget. Under the leadership of National Inclusive Children’s Parliament Rukhsar Rahman, who is only 15 years old, the children have met the Minister of State for Finance.

Apart from education and health, the children participating in the NINE IS MINE consultation have also demanded allocation of more budget for the right to sports, sports training. For the better future of the children, a demand has been placed before the government to bring a good green governance policy. Apart from this, the children have demanded special focus on girl child, disabled children, dalit, minority and tribal children.

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Let us tell you that in 2004, the then UPA government had promised to allocate 6 per cent of GDP on education and 3 per cent on health, which has not been fulfilled till date. The children hoped that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would fulfill their demands in her budget speech.

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