Now the facility of Aadhaar registration will be available with the birth certificate of the newborn, will start soon

Aadhar Card Registration Online For Child : It has often been seen in the country that after the birth of newborn children, their age becomes 5 to 10 years by the time their records come in the government figures. Due to this, many times the name of that child or the name of the parents, date of birth gets wrong, because till then it becomes very difficult to remember his date. Such children have to face a lot of trouble in future. But now the government intends that along with the birth certificate of newborn children, their ‘Aadhaar’ number registration facility should be available.

Facility started in 16 states

The facility of ‘Aadhaar’ number registration of newborns along with their birth certificates is expected to be available in all the states in the next few months. According to sources, at present, the facility of Aadhaar registration of newborn children is available in 16 states. This process started 1 year ago. Now many states are joining it. Work is going on in this direction in other states also.

Biometric takes time

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) of the Central Government has expressed hope that this facility will be started in all the states in the next few months. This will make it easier for those people in whose house a child has been born. Biometric information of children up to the age of 5 years is not taken. Biometric data is collected when the child is 5 years old and then 15 years old.

need for computer based system

Now the aim is to ensure that the child’s Aadhaar is issued along with the birth certificate and for this UIDAI is working with the Registrar General of India. He said that computer based system of birth registration is needed for this process and this facility is being started in the states where it is available.

Aadhaar being made in these states

According to sources, whenever a birth certificate is issued in these 16 states, its message is sent to the UIDAI system. After this, as soon as the details like photograph and address of the child are received, his Aadhaar number is generated.

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