Now Twitter users may have to go to jail for wrong tweeting, know what is the matter

Twitter Jail: Since becoming the CEO of Twitter, the new head of Twitter, Elon Musk, has been making changes one after the other. Musk has so far reduced the company’s staff by 50%. Along with this, he is also adding some new features to Twitter. It is expected that Musk can bring the feature of virtual jail for those who tweet wrong and inflammatory tweets on Twitter. Let us tell how the virtual jail will be.

virtual prison

Actually, a user has given the idea of ​​virtual jail to Elon Musk. To which Alan has agreed. If a Twitter user is found violating Twitter’s policy. So Twitter will have an icon of jail on his profile picture. After which that user will not be able to tweet anything. Nor will he be able to like and comment on anyone’s post. Along with this, the user will also be told that when the account will be freed from jail. If such a virtual feature comes then. Right now this is just a suggestion from a Twitter user. For which Elon Musk has agreed.

Creators will get revenue on Twitter too

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The number of daily active users on Twitter is high. Seeing this, Elon Musk has indicated to start a video service like YouTube on this too. On which the creators will get to watch good videos and in return the creators will be given a lot of revenue. In Elon Musk-led Twitter, continuous efforts are being made to stop the forgery. Elon Musk himself takes a strict stand on fraud and to prevent this, Musk also changed Twitter’s blue tick policy.

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