Now Urfi Javed has bandaged the whole body, leaving clothes, people said – ‘chemist will not get cheap bandage’

Uorfi Javed Bandage LookWhenever you have an injury, you must have gone to the doctor for a bandage on the injury. But let us tell you that even going to the doctor will not be of any use because this time Urfi Madam has prepared such an outfit that she has wrapped the entire hospital bandage on her body.

Yes, after trying different looks, a new idea came to Urfi Javed’s mind and the bandage you tie on your injury, Urfi Javed made the same bandage as his new look. Recently, Urfi Javed has shared his new look with the audience.

With this new look, Urfi Javed has shown his Halloween outfit to the audience. Urfi has applied dark shade lipstick with this dress. Along with this, she has completed her Halloween look by making a high bun. Taylor Swift’s Anti Hero song is playing in the background of this video of Urfi Javed.

As funny as this video of Urfi Javed is, there are also these comments on the funny video of Urfi Javed. Commenting on the video of Urfi, a user writes that – cheap bandage will not be available on the chemist, now our patients will come to you to get the dressing done. So while the other user writes while commenting that – he must have killed the cut with the blade, only then this is the situation. Another user writes that- Madam Halloween, you are a little late. So someone writes that – I thought after some time she would come out as a mummy.

Funny reactions of people are constantly being seen on this video of Urfi Javed. So there the haters are not leaving the opportunity to target Urfi. But you must have known Urfi so much that Urfi does not mind the trolling of the trollers. She keeps on preparing her similar outfits every day for the audience in a cool Maula style and grabs everyone’s attention with these outfits.

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