Nupur Shikhare came as a savior in Ayra Khan’s life battling clinical depression

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare Journey: Aamir Khan’s darling daughter is all set to start a new innings with her long time boyfriend Nupur Shikhare. Ayra Khan got engaged with Nupur on 18th November. In the midst of close family members, both of them made each other wear wedding rings. Nupur was no less than a messiah in the life of Aamir Khan’s darling daughter Ayra Khan.

It was very difficult for Ayra to spend a day

Yes, Ayra Khan was battling clinical depression a few years ago. Ira Khan used to be upset all the time, used to be ill, it used to be very difficult for her to spend a day. He used to feel helpless, and used to have anxiety attacks all the time. Ayra Khan started going to the gym in an attempt to keep herself fit. And in this gym he met Nupur Shikhare.

Ayra struggled with clinical disorder for 4 years

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Ayra struggled with clinical disorder for 4 years. But when Nupur entered Ayra’s life, she felt that a messiah had entered her life. In this difficult phase of life, Ayra got Nupur’s support. He started taking therapy. At this time Nupur remained his support. By becoming the emotional support of Ayra Khan, he helped her completely to get her out of this difficult phase.

Perhaps this is the reason why Ayra is fully ready to spend her future life with Nupur after fighting depression. The pictures of the engagement ceremony of both are becoming viral like a fire on social media. Everyone is seen congratulating this couple.

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