On Diwali, a Surat businessman illuminated the houses of 1000 employees, gave solar rooftop as a gift

Diamond Company In Surat Diwali Gift : On the occasion of Diwali, every company gives some gift to its employees, some company gives such gifts which become memorable for everyone. Similar is the case of Surat district of Gujarat. A businessman from Surat has lit up the homes of more than 1000 of his employees, making such a Diwali gift one of the most memorable gifts for him.

environmental protection will be strengthened
Let us tell you that Surat’s famous diamond company Shri Ramakrishna Exporter-SRK organized Diwali Milan celebrations for its 1000 employees and the owner of the company Govindbhai Dholakia gave solar rooftop panels to all. Panel) is given in the gift.

What did the owner of the company say?
Company owner Govindbhai says that our employees are part of the family and environmental protection has also been kept in mind with this Diwali gift. In view of the increasing energy consumption, the employees have been given a solar rooftop panel, which can save electricity throughout the year by installing it on their roof.

Have done such feats before
Let us tell you that earlier the social welfare wing of SRK Exporter had gifted a solar rooftop to 750 martyr soldiers and corona warriors in the month of August through SRK Knowledge Foundation. SRK is a well-known name in the world in the field of diamond carving and exporting. This company with a market capitalization of about $ 1.8 billion is currently providing direct employment to 6000 people.

Car and bike found in gift
Jayanti Lal, owner of a jewelery shop in Chennai, has given cars and bikes to his employees as Diwali gifts. He bought cars for his 8 employees, while gifting bikes to 18 employees. A total of Rs 1.20 crore has been spent on this. Jayanti Lal says that his employees supported him fully during the epidemic and crisis of the Corona period and now it was our turn.

Hundreds of flats were also distributed before
Savji Dholakia is a diamond merchant from Gujarat. Who is famous for giving expensive gifts to his employees every year on Diwali. In the year 2014, he gifted 491 cars and 207 flats to his employees as a bonus. In the year 2016 he Diwali But 400 flats and 1260 cars were distributed to his employees. After this, in 2018 also a Mercedes car was gifted to its 3 employees.

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