On Malaika’s special day, boyfriend Arjun Kapoor surprised the actress, saying- Baby’s day out.

Malaika Arora- Arjun Kapoor Romantic Date : Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora, who caught everyone’s attention with their romantic chemistry on social media, have once again been seen doing PDA on social media. Arjun Malaika has showered a lot of love on each other with a beautiful picture of a romantic date. If you do not believe then you can see the latest picture of Arjun Kapoor, in which he has gone on a romantic date with Malaika Arora in front of the Taj Hotel. Arjun Kapoor, who used to stand as a shield in front of Malaika Arora, has once again been seen showering love on his baby girl.

While showering love on social media, Arjun Kapoor has also revealed what he fondly calls Malaika. For information, let us tell you that both of them call each other as baby. With the latest picture, Arjun has told Malaika his baby. So while commenting on this post, Malaika has also called Arjun a baby.

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Actually Malaika’s shoot is going to start soon, but Arjun will not be with Malaika at that time due to his busy schedule. In such a situation, Arjun has made this romantic date plan to make his baby feel special. Arjun Kapoor shared the photo and wrote that – Baby’s Day Out! Malaika’s shoot will start soon and my outdoor shoot is also going to start soon. I will not be there for her shoot but I think she is going to master this new journey. After reading this cute caption of Arjun, Malaika has reacted by writing O baby.

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