Once there was wealth in billions, now only 236 rupees in the bank account of this fugitive businessman

Who does not know the name of fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi… Nirav Modi was once counted among the richest businessmen of India and all the famous actors of Bollywood were associated with his jewelry brand. Although now his condition is not very good. On one hand he has to spend life in jail, on the other hand his bank accounts are getting empty.

Crores of rupees transferred here

According to reports, Nirav Modi, who was once the owner of billions of wealth, now has only Rs 236 left in his bank account. According to reports, this amount is in the bank account of Firestar Diamond International Pvt Ltd, a company of Nirav Modi. This amount is left after Kotak Mahindra Bank transferred Rs 2.46 crore to SBI’s bank account regarding income tax dues. According to a Times of India report, Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra have transferred only a part of the total dues.

This order was given by the court

In the case of fraud committed by Nirav Modi, the court has appointed the liquidator for Firestar Diamond International Pvt Ltd under the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act. Punjab National Bank had requested through the liquidator to transfer the amount lying in the company’s bank account. The court had asked Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra to transfer the money. However, both the banks did not follow the order of the court.

work on credit

On the other hand, it was recently told in some other news that Nirav Modi is forced to take loan. During the ongoing hearing in the court, Nirav Modi was asked how he would meet the expenses of the court proceedings, in response to which he had said that he was running on loans from people, as his assets were seized under the extradition proceedings. Are. Because of this he has limited resources left.

These three cases on Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi is facing three criminal cases in India. The first case is related to fraud with Punjab Nation Bank. In this, the government bank had lost thousands of crores of rupees. The second case is of money laundering of the amount obtained by cheating with Punjab National Bank. Another third case pertains to tampering with evidence and influencing witnesses related to CBI proceedings.

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