One of the world’s most expensive diamonds ‘Fortune Pink’ sold, the price is so much that you will be shocked to know

Fortune Pink Diamond: A pear-shaped 18.18 carat diamond named ‘Fortune Pink’ has been sold at an auction in Geneva. It has been auctioned for 28.4 lakh Swiss francs i.e. 28.5 lakh dollars. The buyer of this is an Asian customer. This diamond falls in the rarest category and event organizer Christie’s has said that it is the largest diamond in bright pink color and pear shape ever.

Such pink diamonds are considered lucky in Asia
The ‘Fortune Pink’ diamond was found 15 years ago during excavations in Brazil and was estimated to sell for between $2.5 million and $3.5 million. However, auction house Christie’s found that the carat weight of this diamond is 18.18 and it is considered very lucky in Asia. In Asia, this type of diamond is considered to bring certain prosperity, hence it is named ‘Fortune Pink’.

The winner won the diamond by bidding more than 5 million dollars
The diamond was auctioned off during a grand jewelry sale at the Hotel des Bergues. During the Christie’s Luxury Week sale in Geneva, there was a lot of enthusiasm among people to buy this diamond, but it was won by an Asian customer. The diamond auction started at $1.7 million and lasted for four minutes. According to the report of CBS News, the winner bought ‘Fortune Pink’ by bidding more than $ 5 lakh for its auction.

pink diamond passed through many countries
The Pink Diamond was first showcased in Geneva and has since been brought back to Switzerland in October after passing through New York, Shanghai, Taiwan and Singapore as part of a showroom tour.

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what are pink diamonds
Pink diamonds are one of the rarest gems found on earth, so they are sold at a very high price. Christie’s says that the first pink diamond was found in the Golconda mine of India, which is mentioned in the 16th century. In the years that followed, they were also found in Australia, Africa, Brazil and Russia. According to the theory believed for the pink diamond, the pink color of the diamond comes due to a flaw. Under this, the diamond converts light differently and its color becomes pink.

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