Onion Crop: 54 thousand tonnes of onion sold in the market from buffer stock, prices will be reduced before Diwali

Onion Price Today In India : The Modi government at the Center has taken a big step regarding the prices of onions. Explain that the government has decided to sell about 54,000 tonnes of onions in the open market from its buffer stock. In this regard, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs says that the government currently has a buffer stock of 2.5 lakh tonnes of onions to control the prices of onions. Which the government gave to the states last week.

Buffer stock sent to these cities
Let us tell you that the government has sent about 50,000 tonnes of onion to Delhi from the buffer stock. Due to which onions will be easily accessible across the country. Onion prices are moving slightly above the all India average rates. In the last 5 years, the Center has increased the buffer stock of onions to a record level. In the financial year 2021-22, the government had prepared 2.08 lakh tonnes of onion as buffer stock. In the first business year, the government had bought 1 lakh tonnes of onions.

rain spoiled the game
Onion traders of the country say that there has been heavy rain in Maharashtra and North Karnataka. Due to this, the interest crop has suffered a lot. Let us tell you that due to rain, there can be a huge fall in the arrival of the crop. In such a situation, the prices are expected to increase rapidly.

Onion stock is over
Till the time the new crop yield does not reach the market, onion prices may continue to rise. The new onion produce is expected to reach the market by the first week of November. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) says that the old stock of onions is about to run out. At present, the supply is being done from this stock. This is the reason why onion prices are seeing a rise.

Rs 40 per kg running price
Let us tell you that the retail price of onion is running at Rs 40 per kg in the retail market. This price can go up to Rs 50 per kg. Till the beginning of October, the wholesale price of onion was Rs 15 and the retail price was Rs 25. There has been an increase of 30-40 percent in the purchase of onions from godowns in about 15 days.

Supply starts from Kharif
Onion prices are expected to normalize till the new upch reaches the market. The contribution of Rabi onion to the total production in India is up to 70 percent. Even after the contribution of bad onions is low, it is important in ensuring the supply. The supply of onions starts from the Kharif season between September to November.

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