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Uric Acid Problem: Lentils are very beneficial for health. This is the reason that in almost every house of our country, pulses are made every day in one meal. Although eating lentils and rice in lunch is more preferred here. But do you know that pulses rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium and iron, if not cooked properly, can harm your health and this is happening.

Nowadays, if you look at the graph of rapidly increasing diseases, then you will find that kidney disease, heart problems, weakening of bones and joint pain are common health problems of people at a young age. If you are told that one of the main reasons for the increase in these problems is the pulses you eat, because it is not cooked properly, can you believe it? Maybe not. But it’s true, learn how…

Why does lentils harm the body?

Nowadays, in almost every household, especially in cities, pulses are made in a cooker. Because it makes pulses quickly and it does not even have to be stirred again and again. The use of cooker has been beneficial in the kitchen but it has taken a toll on health. Because by eating lentils made in the cooker, the amount of uric acid in the body starts increasing very rapidly. Due to which the risk of getting diseases like joint pain, bone problems, kidney failure or damage increases at an early age.

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What is the right way to make lentils?

  • If you want to take advantage of the health-rich properties of lentils, then make lentils in an open vessel. For example, a pot or a bowl.
  • Always cook lentils on medium flame and use brass or earthen utensils to make it. If this is not possible, then you can use steel utensils. The bottom (surface) of the vessel in which to make lentils should be heavy.
  • During cooking, a lot of foam is formed in it. Keep taking out these chaag in a separate vessel with the help of a spoon and later throw them together.

Why does the pulse made in the cooker harm?

When cooking lentils in a cooker, the froth formed during the process of cooking lentils does not come out from it. These foams are a kind of surfactant and act like a slow poison for the body. Which go inside the body and increase uric acid very fast.

What happens when uric acid rises?

These problems are seen in people whose uric acid suddenly increases very much or is always increased.

  • their kidneys may fail
  • Increases risk of heart attack
  • There is severe pain in the joints of the body
  • bones can become weak
  • Can have type 2 diabetes
  • BP can be a problem of staying high
  • Fatty liver disease can surround.

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