Orange is beneficial for health, gets rid of many problems

Health Benefits of Oranges: Everyone likes sour sweet oranges and orange juice. Along with being tasty, juice is full of many nutrients. Both orange and its juice are very beneficial for health. Orange strengthens the immune system of our body and helps in protecting the body from many diseases. Orange is the biggest source of Vitamin C. Which is very beneficial for healthy skin, strong hair and eyesight. It is nothing less than a panacea during pregnancy. Let us know the benefits of eating oranges.

Greatest source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found up to 70 percent in oranges. Only one orange can supply Vitamin C in our body for the whole day. Vitamin-C is essential for storing iron in the body and for better immunity.

beneficial for gut health

Fiber is present in abundance in oranges, which helps in keeping the intestines clean by removing the problem of constipation. If our body will get the right amount of fiber, then it will reduce cholesterol and will also get relief from the problem of diabetes. Along with this, orange also reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

panacea for pregnant women

Our body works to make DNA and other genetic materials. This requires the B vitamin folate. This is the reason why doctors advise pregnant women to eat oranges during pregnancy. By consuming oranges, the child’s brain develops properly.

rich in anti-inflammatory properties

An orange contains more than 170 phytochemicals and 60 flavonoids, which are more than any other antioxidant food or medicine. Orange helps in relieving cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s.

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