Pakistan could not recover from India’s defeat, now former veteran alleges dishonesty in toss

India VS Pakistan: In the 2022 T20 World Cup, India made a strong start to its journey by defeating Pakistan in a thrilling match. At the same time, after this match, Pakistan had to face another big defeat. In the T20 World Cup, Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan by 1 run in a big upset.

After the defeat in these two matches, many former Pakistani cricketers are raising questions about the team and selection. However, still the legendary players of Pakistan are not able to forget the defeat against India. In fact, former Pakistan legends Moin Khan and Aaqib Javed have now accused Indian captain Rohit Sharma of being dishonest in the toss.

Alleged foul in the toss
Talking on a Pakistani TV channel, Aaqib Javed accused of dishonesty in the toss and said that ‘the toss should be such that it is visible in the camera. When the referee asked Rohit Sharma for the toss, he tossed the coin in the same way on the boundary as he throws. It was a huge blunder. That coin could not be seen from that far away, so how would you know that the toss head came ‘tail’.

Aaqib said that ‘The referee went to Rohit Sharma and told that you have won the toss. This is a serious issue. You will definitely see that the carpet is lying in front, Rohit threw the coin of the toss far away.

Moin Khan also made serious allegations
At the same time, former Pakistan player Moin Khan also raised questions on the toss and said that Pakistan had defeated Team India in the last World Cup. India has a monopoly in cricket. Therefore, under their pressure, umpires can also be dishonest. Why didn’t the match referee make sure after the toss whether the head came or the tail.

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