Pakistan will not get walkover like India, Shoaib Akhtar warns England

T20 World Cup Final 2022: The final match of T20 World Cup 2022 is to be played between Pakistan and England at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Both the countries are fully prepared for this match to be held on Sunday and different reactions are coming out from both the countries. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has also given his reaction regarding the final match and he has warned England that he is not going to get a walkover like India against Pakistan.

Akhtar said, “The difference will be that England is in a good position. England’s confidence will be on the seventh sky. England knows that Pakistan’s bowlers here are not like India. Here they have to win by something or the other. So easy Walkover is not going to be available from.

England easily won the match against India in the semi-finals

England faced the Indian team in the semi-finals and England won the match by a margin of 10 wickets. India had scored a strong score of 168 runs while batting first, but this score proved to be very less in front of the English openers. Jos Buttler and Alex Hales batted furiously to give England victory in only 16 overs. Only after this victory, there was a lot of criticism of the Indian team and at the same time the English team is being praised continuously.

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Akhtar has challenged England citing this semi-final match. There is no doubt that Pakistan has a good bowling line-up but it cannot be denied that England has the ability to destroy any bowling line-up. If the English batsmen remain in their colors then the bowlers of Pakistan are sure to be beaten fiercely.

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