People did a lot of shopping in the month of September! 21% growth in retail business

Retail Sales in September: After getting control over the Corona Pandemic, the business of different sectors is once again getting bright. The Retailers Association of India (RAI) in the 32nd edition of its Business Survey found that for the first time since the beginning of the Corona era, Retail Business in India has gained momentum.

The retail business in the country has registered a growth of 21% in the month of September as compared to 2019 (Pre-Covid period). People have started preparing for the festive season from the month of September itself. People have bought clothes and gift items fiercely in the month of September. Along with this, an increase is also being registered in the purchase of groceries across the country. Along with this, the demand for sporting goods, electronic items and quick service restaurants has increased very rapidly.

The increase recorded in the purchase of these items

Let us tell you that in the year 2022 in comparison to the year 2019, there has been an increase of about 56% in the sale of grocery and food items in the month of September. In this period, sales of electronic items like mobile, television, fridge, washing machine, AC etc. have registered a jump of about 30%. At the same time, an increase of 25% has been registered in the purchase of clothes and fashion accessories.

Hope for more good business in Diwali

According to media reports, Retailers Association of India CEO Kumar Rajagopalan said that for the last two years due to Corona, the retail business has been badly affected, but this year people are able to shop comfortably without any worries.

With this, people will be able to meet their friends and relatives this year just like in the previous pre-covid years. so this year Diwali I hope to have great business. People are also traveling with a lot of shopping this year. In such a situation, along with shopping for yourself, you are also shopping for gifts for your family and friends, the effect of which will be clearly visible in the figures in the coming days.

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