People say that one should eat desi eggs… Why is it said so? here is the answer

Brown Desi Egg: In the winter season, we consume many types of food items to protect the body from cold. There is also an egg in it. People consume eggs more in winter, so that their body remains warm and they get enough nutrients. You must have often heard about eggs that instead of white eggs, people in their family advise people to eat desi eggs. Everyone says only this thing that if you want to have good health or stay healthy then eat desi eggs. After all, why this thing is said, know what is the reason behind it.

Eggs are considered the best source of protein. Calcium is also found in plenty in it, which is beneficial for the bones of the body. Egg is not only easy to eat, but it is also easy to store and make at home. By the way, both white or brown eggs are beneficial for health, but some people tell desi eggs ie brown eggs as more beneficial for health or as advice.

what is the difference between the two eggs

The main difference between both the eggs is their colours. This color difference also comes because of the hen. If the feathers of a hen are brown, then the egg of the hen will also be brown whereas, the egg of the hen with white feathers will be white. According to health experts, both the eggs are equally rich in nutrients. How nutritious the eggs are depends on the food and living space of the hen.

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After all, why is the emphasis on desi eggs instead of white ones?

You must have often heard our people saying that one should eat desi eggs instead of white ones. This is said because desi eggs are full of nutritious elements, as well as the care and food of desi chickens is better than that of white chickens. Actually, white chickens are taken care of inside the farm. Along with this, many types of injections are also given to them, which are done for economic profit.

Whereas, people who keep poultry in homes or keep chickens in a healthy way, the egg of such chicken is more nutritious and beneficial for the body than white chickens. The nutrients present in the eggs are directly dependent on the diet and care of the hen. Both types of eggs are beneficial for health if the hens get sufficient amount of sunlight and their diet is good.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and minerals like folate, selenium, choline are found in both white and brown eggs. If the care and food of the hen is good, then all these give more benefits to the body than the hen which has been taken care of in an average way or only for financial gain.

benefits of eating eggs

  • lowers the risk of cancer
  • useful for hair
  • effective in removing pimples
  • boosts brain power
  • weight is maintained
  • helpful in setting the mood
  • beneficial for eye protection
  • beneficial in pregnancy
  • strengthens bones

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