Pollution can cause this problem to the eyes, take care like this

Air Pollution Effect On Eyes: The problem of pollution is always there, but as soon as the month of October begins, the air quality starts deteriorating. The category of AQI gets worse from city to city. It seems as if a sheet of pollution has covered the sky. This causes many health related complaints like difficulty in breathing, irritation in the eyes. Most complaints are seen in the eyes. These days everyone is feeling burning sensation in the eyes due to air pollution. If you are also troubled by this, then you are going to tell some ways to avoid it.

How to protect eyes from pollution

1. Wash eyes with cold water: If there is any problem with the eyes, then first of all we should wash the eyes with cold water. If you are feeling burning sensation due to pollution, then you should wash your eyes repeatedly with cold water. This is because the high concentration of this carbon oxide and nitrogen oxide causes irritation.

2. Use glasses: If you want to save your eyes from air pollution, try wearing glasses when you go out because glasses protect your eyes. Pollution does not directly affect your eyes, but first hits the glasses.

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3. Stay away from screen devices: If there is more trouble in the eyes, try to give rest to the eyes, reduce the use of screen devices like mobile phones and laptops as much as possible. Use phone or computer only when necessary. Along with this, drink a lot of water because there is a risk of getting dry eyes.

4.Take healthy diet: For protection from air pollution, you must also take a healthy diet. It gives you inner security. Try to include fruits and green vegetables in your diet, which are rich in vitamins and will also benefit your eyes. In such times, eating carrot and spinach greens is considered very beneficial.

5.don’t wear eye makeup,If you are going out, then avoid eye makeup during this time because applying makeup on the eyes at this time can cause damage to the eyes. When there is irritation due to pollution on the eyes with make-up, then we itch in the eyes, in such a situation, make-up and pollution together can harm the eyes.

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