Protect yourself from measles infection in this way, death figures raise concern

Measles Symptoms: In the big state of India, many children died due to Measles infection in the past. After this, the government has given orders for vaccination along with providing immediate investigation and treatment. The figures are shocking and are also warning not to forget to take measles infection lightly. Measles infection can be fatal. Therefore, by adopting the right kind of information and some measures, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s know the symptoms of measles infection and the methods of prevention…

Maharashtra figures raised concern

Measles is proving fatal for children in some parts of Maharashtra. After this, the government has given instructions for survey, investigation, treatment, and vaccination in the entire area there. Recently, an uproar had started there after the death of three children. Between January and October this year, a total of 90 cases of measles-rubella were reported, out of which 74 were measles cases.

How effective is vaccination

According to the team involved in the investigation, most of the infected children were not vaccinated. In such a situation, vaccination is the best way to prevent. The government has intensified the vaccination campaign for this. The work of making people aware is also going on fast.

According to experts, after getting infected with measles, its symptoms appear between 10 to 14 days. Immediately contact the doctor as soon as the symptoms appear. The main symptoms of measles are..

fever and cough

running nose

sore throat


Appearance of small white spots on the inside of the cheeks, these are also called Koplik spots.

skin rash

Measles treatment and prevention

After getting infected with measles, no specific treatment is possible for it. Doctors give medicine according to its symptoms. Children, pregnant women and old people are at risk of reaching the dangerous stage of measles infection. One should take maximum rest after getting infected with measles. Only liquids should be used as food. Contact the doctor immediately as soon as necessary.

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