Puja Vidhi: Know the right method and rules of worship, otherwise you will not get the full result of worship

Rules of Puja Path: In Hinduism, worship is done in all the houses. Worship, fasting and rituals have special importance in Hinduism. Worshiping shows faith, reverence and faith towards God. When a person worships God, he forgets the worldly illusion and reaches the spiritual world. This gives peace and harmony to the mind. But the result of worship is achieved only when it is done with the right rules and regulations.

We all worship God. But in spite of this some of our wishes are not fulfilled. Actually, all this happens due to mistakes made knowingly or unknowingly during worship. That’s why we don’t get the full result of worship. Similarly, worship done with wrong methods becomes the cause of misfortune. Know what things should be kept in mind during worship.

Keep these things in mind during worship

    • Worship should never be done while standing, nor should worship be done sitting on the empty floor. Before worshiping, spread a seat on the floor and worship only by sitting on the seat.
    • Worship should not be done even without covering the head. It is believed that worshiping without covering the head does not yield its fruit. Covering the head during worship shows devotion towards God. Religious as well as scientific reasons have also been given for covering the head during worship. That’s why women or men must cover their heads during worship.
    • Also keep in mind that the place of worship should be slightly above the floor of the house. Because God is incomparable and superior, so don’t worship him in your own equal. For worship, establish God in a post or at a place higher than the floor.
    • While worshiping, your face should be in the east direction. The ghee lamp lit during worship should be kept on the left side.

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