QR code will tell whether the medicine is genuine or not, instructions to print bar code on 300 medicines

Bar Codes on Medicine Packs: The business of counterfeit and substandard medicines is spreading very fast in the country. The government is showing a lot of strictness regarding this. The Central Government has taken concrete steps to stop counterfeit and substandard drugs. It is being told that now orders have been given to print bar codes on 300 essential medicines. With the bar code, you can check whether the medicine you are going to buy is not fake.

Now bar code will be taken
The central government has made it necessary to put bar codes to prevent counterfeit medicines in the market. To deal with the problem, the government is going to finalize the process of making ‘Bar Code’ mandatory on the packets of 300 medicines by the pharmaceutical companies.

The rule will be applicable from May 2023
Information like manufacturing license and batch number can be traced by scanning the bar code printed on the packet. After approval, amendments to the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, 1945 will come into force from May 2023. A large part of the medicines mentioned in the list are such that most of the people are buying directly from the shop. The risk of using counterfeit drugs increases significantly. The purpose of this amendment is to stop the supply of counterfeit drugs and ensure improvement in the public health service.

Real and fake will be identified
The Union Health Ministry had issued a draft notification in June seeking comments and feedback from the people. In which the bar code or QR code has been validated. This will prove that this medicine is genuine or not.

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Bar code will be on all medicines
Let us tell you that the Ministry of Health is busy in finalizing this process. At present, 300 drugs are being brought under this purview in the first phase. Also the top pharmaceutical brands account for about 35 per cent of the total market share. According to sources, all medicines will be brought under its ambit by December 2023.

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