Rakhi Sawant made fun of Sherlyn Chopra’s crying in support of Sajid Khan

Rakhi Sawant Angry On Sherlyn Chopra: Filmmaker Sajid Khan has been running into controversies over the MeToo allegation ever since he became a part of the Bigg Boss house. Some time ago, actress Sherlyn Chopra had come to complain against him in the police. However, in the midst of this controversy, many stars also appeared in support of Sajid. One of them is also named Rakhi Sawant, while Rakhi has once again spoken in support of Sajid Khan.

After filing a complaint against Sajid Khan, Sherlyn Chopra recently said that Salman Khan has a hand over Sajid Khan. At the same time, when Rakhi Sawant was asked about this, she looked furious at Sherlyn.

Don’t take Salman Khan’s name – Rakhi

During a conversation with the media, Rakhi Sawant has said about Sherlyn Chopra, “If your career is not happening then you are crying, if your case is not being made in the police station then you are crying in the media. And taking the name of my Salman Bhai. Don’t take Salman Khan’s name from your rotten mouth.” During this, Rakhi was also seen making fun of Sherlyn’s crying.

Told Sajid Khan innocent

Rakhi Sawant further said in this conversation, “She sometimes accuses my brother Raj Kundra and sometimes my brother Sajid. The police have also understood that there is no merit in this case. Sajid Khan is innocent. No one came against him in the police, no one testified against him.”

During this conversation with the media, Rakhi Sawant told Sherlyn Chopra a lot more. It is worth noting that Rakhi Sawant is often known for expressing her views openly like this.

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