Ramayan Katha: Why did Goddess Sita not go from Lanka with Hanuman ji, read three reasons

Story of Ramayana: Ram-Sita got married on the day of Vivah Panchami. This time on 28 November 2022 is Vivah Panchami (Vivah panchami 2022). This day is considered very important in Hinduism, but according to religious belief, auspicious works of marriage and marriage are not done on this day. It is said that after marriage, Sita had to face many troubles. One of these was exile, in which Ravana abducted Sita.

When Hanuman ji had reached Lanka in search of Sita, the goddess refused to accompany him back to Shri Ram. According to religious belief, there were many reasons for Sita’s refusal. Let’s know.

Why didn’t Goddess Sita go with Hanuman to Lanka?

to follow religion

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When Hanuman ji came to Ashok Vatika to take Sita back to Shriram, the goddess refused to go with him, saying that she was following her husband’s religion. According to Valmiki Ramayan, if Goddess Sita had gone with Hanuman ji, it would have been against his patriotism. She cannot touch any other man on her own free will. Due to this, his husband’s religion would have been broken.

Ravana’s fall at the hands of Shriram

According to religious texts, Goddess Sita knew that Lord Vishnu was born in the form of Shri Ram only to end Ravana. The purpose of Shri Ram would have remained incomplete if he had gone with Hanuman ji. For the victory of religion over unrighteousness, it was necessary for Ram to come to Lanka. This was also one of the reasons why Goddess Sita refused to go with Hanumanji.

Ram’s power respected

The second reason for Goddess Sita not going with Bajrangbali was her respect for the power of Shri Ram. If she had gone with Hanuman ji, Lord Ram would have been called weak in history and Hanuman ji would have been praised all around for saving Sita from Lanka. He took this step to protect the honor and dignity of Raghukul.

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