Rambha’s name was not associated with any hero, but there was a rumor of divorce with her husband

Rambha Personal Life: In Bollywood, the news of hero and heroine’s linkup becomes common as soon as they work in the film. Seeing them walking together, the discussion of affair starts and speculations start till marriage. However, there was also an actress in Bollywood whose name was not associated with any actor. Actually, we are talking about Rambha aka Vijayalakshmi, who used to steal the hearts of fans with her style.

Started career at the age of 16

Born in Andhra Pradesh on June 5, 1976, Rambha mostly appeared in South Indian films. However, he also acted in 17 Bollywood films. Actually, Rambha used to steal the hearts of the fans with her glamorous style. You will be surprised to know that Rambha started her film career at the age of just 16.

Made a pair with these stars

It is worth noting that Rambha shared the screen with Salman Khan to Govinda, Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan, but the news of her affair with any actor never surfaced. It is said that even during the shooting, Rambha used to work only with her work.

when the rumor of suicide

Rambha’s name may not have surfaced in any linkup, but she remained in headlines many times for wrong reasons. Actually, during the year 2009, Rambha suddenly fainted, after which she was admitted to the hospital. In such a situation, the news came out that Rambha tried to commit suicide. However, Rambha had called this news a rumour. Also, it was said that she had a waterless fast, due to which she fainted.

There was also speculation about divorce with her husband.

Rambha may stay away from the limelight, but she is often in headlines for her personal life. In fact, during the year 2010, Rambha married Canadian-based Sri Lankan Tamil businessman Indran Padmanathan. However, after several years of marriage, she accused her husband of being already married. At the same time, during 2016 there was news that she is trying to get a divorce from her husband. Rambha had dismissed these reports.

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