Ratan Tata follows back only 1 account, whose account is it?

Ratan Tata: You all must have heard the name of businessman Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata remains very less active on social media. But whenever he shares something, people read it very carefully. What is the number of fans of Ratan Tata, you can guess that more than 85 lakh people follow the industrialist on Instagram. But meanwhile the surprising thing is that Ratan Tata follows only one profile on Insta. Know who is the personality whom Tata follows.

Ratan Tata only follows this account

The account that Ratan Tata follows is not an individual’s account but an organization’s account. Ratan Tata only follows ‘Tata Trust’ which was established in 1919. Although Ratan Tata has left all the responsibilities of Tata Group, but he is still associated with the works of Tata Trust and he is its chairman. This trust works in many sectors like health, nutrition, education, social justice, environment etc. Ratan Tata not only runs this trust, but apart from this, he also runs many other trusts so that good changes can come in the society and the future of the people can be improved.

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Ratan Tata is not very active on Instagram or social media. The last time Ratan Tata shared a post on Instagram on January 15, which was shared by the industrialist on the occasion of completion of 25 years of Tata Indica car. Ratan Tata also keeps sharing old pictures and memories on his profile in between. Earlier, he had shared an old picture which is from 1945 in which he is seen with his brother Jimmy. Let me tell you, Ratan Tata celebrated his 85th birthday on December 28, 2022.


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