Ration Shop: Free ration is available before Diwali, now these items will also be available for free

Free Ration Distribution In India : The distribution of free ration has started across the country just before Diwali. If you are a ration card holder, then you can go to your ration shop and take ration. Free ration is being given to the beneficiaries of PMGKAY. Before Diwali, according to the instructions given by the central and state government, you can take free ration. At present, the ration for the month of August is being distributed to the beneficiaries.

Available by 31st October
Let us tell you that the distribution of free ration in Uttar Pradesh has started from October 20. All the beneficiary will get this ration till 31 October 2022. In this regard, Food Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh Government Saurabh Babu has issued necessary guidelines.

how much ration will you get
According to Additional Food Commissioner Anil Kumar Dubey, ration card holders will get the facility of getting 5Kg of rice per unit of portability. Along with this, sugar is also being distributed.

sugar being distributed
Let us tell you that 3 kg of sugar is being distributed to the Antyodaya ration card holders of Uttar Pradesh at the rate of Rs 18 per kg for the month of July-August-September. You can get sugar cheaply before Diwali at the ration shop. Along with this, you can also take advantage of free ration.

These special things are available in Maharashtra
On the other hand, on the occasion of Diwali, the Maharashtra government has given the ration card holders of the state. Diwali For the festival, it has been decided to provide groceries for Rs 100. In a packet of 100 rupees, you will get 1 kg of rava (semolina), groundnut, edible oil and yellow lentils. The Maharashtra government says that there are 1.70 crore families or 7 crore people in the state, who have the facility of ration cards. They can get food grains from ration shops.

Free ration will be available till December
Let us tell you that the central government has extended the facility of giving free ration till December 2022. Apart from the central government, the state government is giving benefits to the cardholders. This facility was started by the central government during the Corona period.

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