RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said – Ombudsman should be sensitive while solving customer complaints

Annual Conference Of Lokpal 2022: Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das has urged Ombudsmen to be sensitive and prudent while redressing customer complaints. Let us tell you that RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has addressed the RBI Annual Conference of Lokpal held in Jodhpur.

identify root causes
RBI Governor Shaktikanta said in the meeting that the RBI Ombudsman and regulated entities should first identify the root causes of frequent customer complaints. Then necessary systemic measures should be taken to fix it. In addition, the RE and RBI Ombudsman should be fair and prompt while resolving customer complaints.

Complaints come continuously
He said that complaints like wrong sale, lack of transparency in pricing, extravagant service charges, exorbitant fines are being received continuously. This is a matter of concern. Also a large number of complaints were regarding traditional banking. There is thus a need for a serious review of the functioning of customer service and grievance redressal mechanisms in regulated entities.

do solution like this
The Governor said that there is a need to analyze the root cause of persistence of such complaints and take necessary corrective measures. He said that it is important to keep the business in mind with regard to product design, distribution mechanism and sales, but banks should also focus on the services of the customers. Apart from this, it is also necessary to develop the skills of the employees, so that the customers do not face any problem.

Resentment on recovery agents
The governor has expressed displeasure over the viral video of recovery agents’ misbehavior on social media. Along with this, he has been asked to improve his behavior. He said in the conference that banks and other finance service providers are responsible for these actions, but the use of wrong methods for recovery will not be accepted. All banks should keep this in mind. He has raised the issue of banking fraud. Along with this, there is talk of educating the customers.

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