Reliance Retail: Great offer from Reliance Retail, the country’s famous traditional sweets will be available at the store

Reliance Retail: This Diwali When you go to Reliance Retail Stores for shopping, you will find sweets from more than 50 renowned confectioners of the country. The traditional confectionery shops used to be crowded but they did not have access to the sweet market of the country. In association with Reliance Retail, these renowned and traditional confectioners are now expanding beyond the regional markets to enhance the taste of customers across the country through their exclusive sweets. Confectioners are now doing many new experiments with packaged sweets as well.

The story of Ajmer’s Chavnilal Halwai was similar to the thousands of confectioners working in the country’s famous but limited market. There is a line of buyers outside the shop since morning. Reliance Retail is working closely with traditional confectioners to increase the shelf life of sweets and namkeens of confectioners like Chavnilal and ensure that customers get the freshest sweets.

The new generation of Chavnilal wants to take the sweets and namkeen of 70 years old shop from the streets of Ajmer and take them to every corner of the country. Hitesh, 34, handling the business, says, “We have received offers from many big establishments to open retail outlets, but this business takes a lot of capital. He told that the sales have doubled since the partnership with Reliance because the company has informed us about automation and mass production. Our shop has been made a national store by Reliance Retail.

Popular sweets include ‘Til Besan Laddu’ by Kaleva, ‘Mumbai Halwa’ by Ghasitaram, ‘Darbesh Laddu and Fenugreek Laddu’ by Prabhuji, ‘Malpua’ from Doodh Mishton Bhandar (DMB) and Mysore Pak and Dharwad Peda from Lal Sweets at Reliance Retail. Available at stores. Chavanilala Halwai’s famous Kachora and Chocolate Barfi will soon be available at Reliance stores.

The Indian traditional packaged sweets market is estimated to be around Rs 4,500 crore and is expected to grow to Rs 13 thousand crore in the next few years. Whereas the unorganized sweet market is believed to be worth about 50 thousand crores. Reliance is seeing a huge opportunity in the organized sweets market. Damodar Malla, CEO, Grocery Retail, Reliance Retail said, “We want to be the largest multi-brand confectionery in India. He said that traditional sweets should not be confined to a particular locality, reach every nook and corner of the country like West Bengal and Orissa’s Rasgulla can sweeten the mouth of a Tamil Nadu customer.

To increase the sales of traditional sweets, Reliance Retail has created multiple bay and free standing units in the stores. Like retail stores do to sell chocolates. Reliance Retail is also helping regional sweet manufacturers develop single-serve packs. If the customer wants, instead of Ghanaian dark chocolate, he can buy a small pack of desi Mysore pak or laddus.

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