Relief for passengers going to Bihar and UP, Railways started summer special trains

Summer Special Trains: Indian Railways keeps on offering special trains from time to time for the passengers. Now Indian Railways has announced to run special trains for summer. If you are also going to travel to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, then you can book in these trains.

Railways have decided to run these special trains in view of the rush during the summer holidays. These trains have been decided to run summer special trains from Pataliputra to Gomtinagar and Barauni to Coimbatore. These trains will give relief to the people to come and go in the summer.

Two special trains will run between Patliputra-Gomtinagar

It has been decided to run train number 03219 and 03220 Patliputra-Gomtinagar-Patliputra summer special train between Patliputra and Gomtinagar via Hajipur, Muzaffarpur, Gorakhpur, Bapudham, Motihari, Gorakhpur and Ayodhya Cantt. Train number 03219 will start from Patliputra every Friday from April 7 at 19.40 hrs. While 03220 number train will open from Gomtinagar at 8.15 am from 8th April. Both these trains are operated till 1st July.

Special train between Barauni-Coimbatore

Train number 03357 and 03358 Barauni-Coimbatore-Barauni summer special train is being run by the Railways from April 1. These trains will run via Kiul, Jhajha, Chittaranjan, Dhanbad and Ranchi. These trains will run till May 3 during the summer season. Railways will run these trains on Saturday and Friday.

There is more crowd in the summer season

There is more crowd of passengers traveling by railway in the summer season. For this reason, to reduce the crowd of passengers on the platform and to facilitate the travel of passengers by railway, the railway runs special trains. Now special trains have been announced on these two routes for summer. Railways can also announce other trains.

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