Relief from inflation, wholesale inflation came down to 8.39 percent in October, food items became cheaper

Wholesale Price Index inflation: The figures of Wholesale Inflation (WPI Inflation) of October have come and it has come down as compared to September. The wholesale inflation rate has come down to 8.39 percent in October. On a month-to-month basis, there has been a decline in it and this has given relief to the people from the ever-increasing inflation.

Wholesale inflation at 19-month low
Wholesale inflation was coming in double digits for 18 consecutive months and this time this figure has come down to less than 10 per cent, due to which it has come down to the lowest level in 19 months. Earlier in March 2021, a lower inflation rate was seen.

Wholesale Inflation Rates for September and August
In September, the wholesale inflation rate stood at 10.7 per cent and it saw a decline as compared to 12.41 per cent in the previous month i.e. August. The data that came in September was showing wholesale inflation rate of more than ten digits for the 18th consecutive month.

In which sectors did inflation come down?
Inflation figures have seen a decline in many segments and it has come down. The inflation rate of manufactured products has come down to 4.42 percent, which was 6.34 percent in the previous month. Apart from this, the inflation rate of fuel and power segment has also come down to 23.17 percent, whose figure was 32.61 percent last time.

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Inflation rate of food items decreased
The reason for the decline in the wholesale inflation rate has been seen due to the decrease in the prices of food items. On the other hand, talking about the food inflation rate, it has come down to 6.48 percent and in the last month i.e. in September, the food inflation rate was 8.08 percent.

fall in core inflation
There has also been a decrease in the core inflation rate and it has come down on a month-on-month basis. The core inflation rate has come down to 4.6 percent in October, which was 7.0 percent in September.

Inflation rate of primary articles declined
A decline has also been observed in the inflation rate of primary articles and it has come down to 11.04 per cent in the month of October. In the previous month i.e. in September, the inflation rate of primary articles was 11.73 percent.

The figures of retail inflation will also come this evening itself.
Retail inflation data will also be released this evening and the market including the Reserve Bank of India is also eyeing it. Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das has predicted that the retail inflation rate in October could be less than 7 percent.

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