Respiratory Problem: The weather is changing, stay away from these respiratory diseases

Respiratory Disease: Weather is changing. Respiratory problems are starting to make a home in the body. Some people are so allergic that they can be allergic to dust, smoke or anything else. Apart from the skin, these allergies can also be of respiratory. There is a need to be aware in time to deal with respiratory diseases. If the problem increases more, then the attack of breath can be heavy on the life. Today we talk about respiratory diseases occurring in this changing season.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the respiratory tract. The tubes that carry air from the windpipe to the lungs are called bronchi. Sometimes these walls of the bronchi become inflamed due to infection. This weakens it and becomes like a balloon. If not treated in time, other respiratory diseases including asthma occur.

In this condition also there is swelling in the respiratory tract. Due to a particular allergy, this passage becomes very short. That’s why the patient is unable to breathe even if he wants to. Lungs need air to deliver proper oxygen to the body. For this reason, the patient starts breathing rapidly through the mouth to deliver the necessary oxygen to the body. Once this disease occurs, it is difficult to cure it completely. With timely attention, this disease can be controlled to a great extent.

This is also a type of infection. In this, water or other fluid fills in the lungs. Water continues to flow from the patient’s nose. Severe swelling occurs in the respiratory tract. The working capacity of the lungs is greatly affected in this disease. Pneumonia can be caused by other reasons including viral, bacterial, fungal. If not treated on time, a person can die.

The last two years have been of Corona. Kovid attacked the lungs of people with weakened immune systems and made them sick. Whose lungs could not withstand the virus. His death was over. This virus reaches the lungs and forms a cell. They get filled with water. Gradually the affected lungs are unable to recover and stop working. This leads to the death of the patient. However, a lot is also recovered.

Has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In this, there is swelling in the lungs. Due to inflammation, the lungs are unable to function properly. The person is unable to breathe. There may be cough, difficulty in breathing and wheezing sounds. Smokers are more vulnerable to this disease.

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