Revealed in a new study, a cup of black tea every morning has this benefit

Black Tea Benefits: Consumption of black tea is very beneficial for our health. It contains antioxidants and essential nutrients which benefit the body. Along with this, drinking black tea early in the morning maintains freshness. It is said that drinking black tea can provide long life health benefits, but if you do not want to drink tea, then you do not need to think that you will not get the benefits of black tea, because it Instead, you can consume other substances that will help you live longer.

Black tea proved to be a life changer in the study

Flavonoids are found naturally in common foods. Such as apples, citrus fruits, berries, black tea, all these substances have been known as health benefits for a long time. However, now a big study has been done at Edith Cowen University regarding the benefits of these substances. The study has found That flavonoid-rich substances give us such benefits that we would hardly have imagined. According to the study, the Heart Foundation conducted a study on 881 elderly women, the average age of all these women was 80 years. The study found that if you consume high levels of flavonoids in your diet, then the chances of stomach problems are much less. She goes.

The study also found that those who consumed flavonoids were less likely to develop ACC. We can understand ACC in such a way that it is the longest artery of the body which works to deliver oxygen from heart to stomach and to many organs. Which is affected due to any reason, then there is a risk of heart failure and stroke.

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Reduced risk of heart disease

Researchers told that there are many types of flavonoids, flavone 3 and flavonols, it is directly related with the big artery of our body. According to this study, many people who consumed more of the flavonoids flavone 3 and flavonols were 36 to 40% less likely to develop abdominal aortic calcification. According to the researchers, black tea was the main source of flavonoids in people who did not consume tea, the scope of artery-related problems was 16 to 42% in those who did not consume tea.

According to experts, some other foods are also great sources of flavonoids, including fruit juices, red wine and chocolate. However, black tea was the main source of flavonoids in the study.

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