Rosy blush will come on the cheeks without any effort, use buttermilk with this method in the winter season

Benefits of Chhach In Winter: Most people like to drink buttermilk, but it is mostly consumed in summer. Whereas if buttermilk is consumed in the right way during the winter season, there can be tremendous improvement in the health of the skin. Not only this, by including it in the daily diet, your age will start to look younger by 10 years.

Whether it is to get pink glow on the cheeks, to increase the glow of the skin or to get rid of problems like acne, itching and dryness, regular consumption of buttermilk will help you a lot. We all want our skin to remain healthy, clean and glowing. For this, most people do not do anything from creams, facials, face packs to expensive parlor treatments. But if you consume buttermilk every day at a particular time in the winter season with the method mentioned here, then your skin will have a natural glow…

How to drink buttermilk in winter

    • In the winter season, you should mainly consume plain buttermilk and use it with jaggery.
    • Consume buttermilk at any time between 11 am to 4 pm. Just keep in mind that do not take immediately after having food.
    • Whenever you consume this buttermilk after a meal, keep a gap of at least one hour. This will improve the digestive system.
    • Now a question may come in your mind that buttermilk increases digestion and it is also taken with food, so what is the need to keep a gap after eating? Note that you take tadka buttermilk or salted buttermilk with food. Even if you take plain buttermilk, do not consume it with jaggery!

Why take jaggery with buttermilk?

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    • When you consume jaggery with plain buttermilk, both these foods also work to balance each other’s qualities. For example, buttermilk has a cooling effect, which can cause cold and cough in winter. But when you consume it with jaggery, its cooling effect gets lost because the effect of jaggery is very hot.
    • Jaggery is rich in iron and elements like protein, calcium are found in buttermilk. All these three properties are necessary to keep skin cells healthy, improve skin tone and reduce the effects of melanin. This is the reason that when buttermilk is consumed with jaggery, there are rapid and major improvements in skin health.
    • Jaggery contains minerals and buttermilk has natural moisturizing properties. Therefore, when they are consumed together, buttermilk works to moisturize the skin and the properties found in jaggery help in maintaining this moisture in the body for a long time. That’s why there is no problem of excessive dryness in the skin due to their use.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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