Running the fan on number 5 consumes less power than on number 2 or 4… is there anything like this?

Fan Speed ​​and Electricity Consumption: The summer season has arrived. Yes, we agree that it is not that hot yet but it can definitely be said that the beginning has already been made. Right now the temperature is low but in the coming time the temperature will increase. Right now the fan you are running on number 2 or 3. Will start running on number 5 in the coming days. Due to running of fans, electricity bill comes less in summer as compared to winter. Now some people instead of running the fan on number 5 run the fan on number 4 to reduce the electricity bill. Does running a slow fan really reduce power consumption? Let us know the answer to this question in this news.

speed and power connection

Actually, the power consumption of the fan is related to its speed, but it actually depends on the regulator. It is said on the basis of a regulator that the power consumption can be reduced or increased by the speed of the fan. On the other hand, now many types of regulators have started coming. There are many such regulators in the market, which have no effect on the power consumption and are limited to the fan speed only. In this case, depending on the type of regulator, whether the fan speed will save electricity or not. Actually, many fan regulators control the speed of the fan by reducing the voltage. Whereas, some reduce the bus speed, they have nothing to do with the voltage.

Does electricity save?

Those fan regulators which control the speed of the fan by reducing the voltage, also do not save electricity. Actually, the regulator is used to reduce the voltage going to the fan. In this case the fan consumes less power, but it does not save power because the regulator just acts like a resistor and the entire power is dissipated in the fan. By keeping the fan speed low, there is no effect on power consumption.

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