Rupee At All Time Low: Historical fall in rupee again, for the first time against a dollar at Rs 83

Rupee At Record Low: On Wednesday, once again in the currency market, there has been a historic fall in the rupee. For the first time, the rupee has fallen below the level of Rs 83 against a dollar. At the close of the currency market, the rupee closed at Rs 83.02 for the first time with a fall of 66 paise or 0.8 percent.

This fall in the rupee has been seen after the increase in the US bond rate. The strengthening of the dollar has worked to depreciate the rupee. The yield on the 10-year Government of India bond has increased to 7.4510 percent. According to experts, at Rs 82.40, RBI had intervened and tried to handle the rupee from falling. But it is believed that if the RBI does not intervene, then the trend of falling rupee may continue.


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