Salim Khan had made this fun plan for retirement, himself told how his children did it

Salim Khan Retirement Plan: Renowned writer and screenplay writer Salim Khan of Hindi film world is celebrating his 87th birthday today. In fact, Salim Khan says that he has stopped writing scripts for a long time. But still he has not been able to convert his retirement plan into reality. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we are telling you about his unfinished plan.

Salim shared that in his younger days, he often thought about life after retirement. Salim shared that he dreamed of going on holidays, partying, chilling and drinking after being financially stable in his old age, but with 5 kids, his work has increased 5 times.

Children turned water on retirement plan

In a 2014 conversation with Indu Mirani, Salim shared, “Go to daddy for everything. When the car runs out of petrol, go to daddy. Mera kya taluk hai petrol se? Go near. If any notice comes, take it to daddy, be it income tax. So I did not get time. Many times I get a call at 11 o’clock in the night that daddy wants to meet you and that is the reason why I wrote has stopped.

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Salim recalls the days when he used to write with passion, honesty and was one of the most professional writers in the business. He said, “Me and Javed are the only two people who have given the complete script. Complete script with treatment Me and Javed were the only two people who gave the complete script with treatment. ,

He said, “So I felt that now I will not be able to give this much time. Now I can’t do that much professionally. Now I will not be able to do the work which I used to do earlier with so much focus, so I said that I should leave it.

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