Salman Khan wanted to make his first film flop, reason Jaan Ud Jayenge Hosh

Salman Khan First Film: Salman Khan is such an actor of Bollywood, whatever he does, whatever he wears, he becomes fashion. In today’s time, Salman Khan is considered a guarantee of the film’s hit. Salman Khan was given the first film of his career by his luck. However, he wanted his first film to flop. Let us know why Salman wanted that film to flop.

Luck got the first film

Salman Khan started his film journey with J.K. Bihari (JK Bihari) did it with ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. In this film, Salman played the role of Rekha’s brother-in-law. When director J.K. Bihari thought of making this film, so he wanted to cast a new face as Rekha’s brother-in-law, but when he held the audition, no one came on the first day. In view of this, J.K. Bihari took this decision, whoever now comes to give the first artist audition, he will give that role. Salman Khan’s luck took him there and he got a chance to work in the film.

Salman Khan wanted the film to flop

Salman Khan was not happy at all seeing his acting in his first film. Due to this, Salman wanted to flop his first film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. Let me tell you, these days Salman is busy with his upcoming projects ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ and ‘Tiger 3’. His fans are eagerly waiting for both the films of Salman.

By not saying these films, Salman Khan must have felt sorry even today, the name will be shocked


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