salt deficiency can kill you

Salt is very important for our body. If the amount of salt is less or more, the person may have health problems. According to the ‘Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care’, more than 200 million people in India are at increased risk of IDD due to iodine deficiency. Apart from this, more than 7 crore people are suffering from goiter and other IDDs.

According to the ‘World Health Organization’ ie WHO, more than 2 billion people worldwide suffer from iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency is more common especially in poor countries, because here people do not eat nutritious food. On the other hand, iodine deficiency has been found in people even in big cities, because their diet is not good. According to Dr. Varshini Panga, a pregnant woman needs more iodine than a healthy person. Due to lack of iodine in the body, a pregnant woman can have many serious problems.

What signals does the body give about iodine deficiency?

hair fall
– dryness in the skin
-gaining weight
– excessive sleepiness
– heart failure
– Weak memory
-muscle pain
Sudden increase in cholesterol level
– getting cold
-Periods are more than normal

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Iodine deficiency diseases

Heart attack and other heart related diseases
There can be problems related to mental health in women. such as depression and infertility
Due to iodine deficiency, the chances of women getting pregnant decreases by 46%.
Lack of thyroid hormone in the body affects the child.
Weakness of the newborn, premature birth / stillbirth
Babies may have congenital defects, dwarfism etc. problems.

How is iodine deficiency tested?

urine test

Urine test is the easiest and quickest way to detect iodine deficiency. The result is available in a few minutes in the urine test. However, this result does not give accurate results as compared to other test methods.

blood test

Iodine deficiency in the body can also be measured by doing a blood test. Blood test takes time to give result as compared to urine test. It is more reliable than urine test.

iodine patch test

In iodine patch test, the doctor applies a patch of iodine on your skin and after 24 hours the change in it is checked. People who do not have iodine deficiency or have sufficient amount of salt in the body, in that case the color of this patch does not lighten. But, people who are deficient in iodine, their skin absorbs iodine inside the skin within 24 hours.

iodine loading test

With the help of this test, it is checked that how much iodine you remove from the body through urine in a period of 24 hours. This test takes more time than other tests and the person has some discomfort in it.

Use these things to remove iodine deficiency

-iodized salt
– potato
-brown rice
Vitamin and mineral supplements that contain iodine
Garlic, fish, eggs and curd etc.

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