Saving money in these ways while building a house will be expensive, do not make this mistake even by mistake

It is everyone’s dream to have their own house, but it is not easy to fulfill it. If you want to build a house, first you have to raise money to buy a plot. After this, the expenses of building the house will have to be arranged. This is the reason why people take every possible way to save money while building a house. However, many people make some such mistakes in order to save money while building a house, which becomes heavy in the long run.

Do take their help

However, if you work carefully If you take it, you can save money well without compromising on the strength of the house. This will neither affect the strength nor affect the beauty of the house. If you take the help of professionals like civil engineers for this, then it will be better.

Saving with strength

Everyone wants to save money while building a house, but the structure In case of allied works like foundation, wall, roof and floor, the advice of the engineer should be proceeded with. The building material should also be used accordingly, so that you do not have to repent later. There are many works in the house, in which money can be saved without compromising on the strength…

Here is the scope

Finishing and fittings cost in the construction cost of the house The share is up to 20 percent. This includes sanitary ware, plumbing items, electric fittings, doors and windows and painting. There is scope for reduction in these.

Plumbing works

Plumbing work should not be compromised. Doing this can cause dampness or seepage in the house. Use plastic pipe instead of iron. They are cheap and there is no risk of rusting. Instead of branded sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, you can use good quality items of local brands, which are 30 to 35 percent cheaper than branded ones. For example, a branded tap costs up to Rs 1,500, while a non-branded one costs Rs 300-350.

Electric Works

Electricity to the whole house Whatever work you do, definitely make a blueprint of it. This comes in handy in case of a change or fault in the wiring system. Use copper wire for wiring. Install electric board, switch and socket as per requirement. Focus on the quality of the product rather than fancy stuff. Fancy switches, sockets, boards or other items are expensive. Many Appliances like fridge, TV, AC, washing machine, geyser are used in the house. Do check the rating while buying them. 5 Star Rating Buy Tools. They are a bit expensive, but save electricity bills.

Woodenwork and interior

Concrete flooring can be made instead of marble. Marble ie marble is available in the market for 200 to 800 rupees per square foot. The cost of getting it installed is separate. Regular polishing is required to maintain its look. Whereas, the cost of concrete floor is 60 to 100 rupees per square foot. If there is no need for fall ceiling in the rooms then it can be avoided. Iron frames can be used instead of wooden ones in windows and doors. Normal kitchen can be made instead of modular. Good quality normal paint can be used instead of branded paint.

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