‘Scam 1992’ fame actor Prateek Gandhi bought a new shining car, the price will blow your senses

Scam 1992 Actor Pratik Gandhi Buy A New Car: The web series Scam 1992, which came in the year 2020, was very much liked by the people. People still like to watch this web series a lot. Short clips of this keep going viral on social media every day. Through this web series, actor Pratik Gandhi became popular overnight. He played the character of ‘Harsha Mehta’, who is called the Big Bull of the stock market in this. And through this role, with his best performance, Prateek had settled directly in the hearts of the people. The actors are once again in discussions, but this time not about any film or web series but about buying a new car.

Prateek has recently bought a new car on the occasion of Dussehra, about which he is making a lot of headlines. At the same time, his video has also surfaced with the car. Let me tell you, this car of his is so expensive that you will be shocked to hear its price. So let’s know which car he bought and how much is it worth?

How much is the cost of Prateek Gandhi’s car

The new vehicle that Prateek Gandhi has bought is the ‘Mercedes-Benz GLS’ 450 (Mercedes-Benz GLS 450). At the same time, he has joined the stars of the entertainment world, who have this great car. If we talk about the price of this car, then according to the reports its price is around Rs 1.16 crore.

Prateek Gandhi Workfront

However, Pratik Gandhi has worked in many other films apart from ‘Scam 1992’. If we talk about his workfront, then recently he has been seen in the film ‘Kahani Rubber Band Ki’. The film is released on October 14, whose story is based on sex education and the use of condoms.

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