sebi is keeping an eye on those making profit by short selling shares of adani group

Adani-Hindenberg Issue: On January 24, 2023, there was a short selling report of Hindenberg Research regarding Adani Group. Since then, heavy selling was seen in the shares of Adani Group listed on the stock exchange. Since then the questions were arising that who are these investors who sold the shares of Adani Group? According to reports, more than a dozen domestic and foreign entities have come under the purview of SEBI for short selling the group’s shares before and after the Hindenburg Research report.

SEBI, the regulator of the stock market, is investigating the huge boom in the shares of Adani Group in the last few years. Along with this, it is also examining the trading pattern and trade data of the shares of the group companies, which have made huge profits by short selling the shares of Adani Group. The trade pattern of these entities trading in Adani group stocks shows that they have made a profit of Rs 30,000 crore before and after the Hindenburg Research report came out.

SEBI is investigating the source of funds, regulatory disclosures of these institutions and people, as well as finding out whether these people have violated the rules. SEBI is also ascertaining whether the institutes had already got a clue about the arrival of Hindenburg Research Report?

After the Hindenburg Research report came out, the stocks of Adani Group had fallen by up to 85 percent. The market cap of seven companies listed in the group’s stock market had decreased by $ 135 billion. However, after buying the shares of the group of GQG Partners, there has been a great recovery in the shares of the group.

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