Serious allegations of ‘Miss Barbados’, Priyanka Chopra became ‘Miss World’ by rigging

Miss Barbodas On Priyanka Chopra: Today the name of Priyanka Chopra rings in the whole world. After making her Bollywood debut in the year 2000 with the film ‘Humraaz’, Priyanka Chopra has made a lot of recognition in Bollywood as well as Hollywood and all over the world. She is a successful actress as well as a business woman and she is known as a global icon.

Along with her excellent performance, Priyanka is also known for her beauty. It is worth noting that before stepping into the film world, in the year 2000, she also won the crown of ‘Miss World’. At the same time, Leilani, who has now been ‘Miss Barbados’, has spoken of rigging in the competition of ‘Miss World’ of the year 2000.

‘Miss Barbados’ shared the video
‘Leilani McConney’, who won the title of ‘Miss Barbados’ in the year 2000, recently shared a video of her on YouTube, in which she said while talking about the ‘Miss USA’ contest controversy of the year 2022. It is that ‘Miss World’ of 2000 was also rigged and Priyanka Chopra used to get a lot of favors.

She says that she was Miss Barbados and when she participated in the Miss World pageant, the winner was an Indian and in the year 1999 also the winner was an Indian. At that time only an Indian company sponsored the show.

Priyanka used to get more favors
In this video, Leilani also talked about Priyanka Chopra getting more favors. He says that a very nice gown was made for Priyanka to wear. Photos of the rest of the contestants were printed together, but a separate big photo of Priyanka used to come in the newspaper.

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