Shammi Kapoor was madly in love with Mumtaz, this one condition broke this beautiful relationship

Mumtaz Shammi Kapoor Love Story: Bollywood actress Mumtaz has been a beautiful and talented actress of her time. Mumtaz has ruled the hearts of people a lot with her beauty and acting. Mumtaz had worked with every major producer-director and actor during his time. Many Bollywood superstars were attracted to her beauty, including the name of one actor Shammi Kapoor, but only one condition broke the relationship between the two.

According to media reports, both Shammi Kapoor and Mumtaz loved each other very much. At that time Mumtaz was touching the heights of her career. While working, Shammi Kapoor and Mumtaz gave their hearts to each other. But when Shammi Kapoor proposed Mumtaz for marriage, the actress refused.

Shammi Kapoor had kept this condition
According to the report, both of them also dated each other for a long time, both of them broke up again. The reason behind this breakup was a condition of Shammi Kapoor. In fact, Mumtaz had told in an interview in the year 2020 that Shammi ji did not like the fact that the daughters-in-law of his house should work in the film line. The actress had further told that Shammi ji told me that if I want to keep him happy with me then I will have to give up my career.

That’s why I refused to marry
In this interview, Mumtaz further told that at that time I had some dreams and I wanted to reach some point in life. The actress said that I had to set up my own house as well, but I did not accept just sitting at home. That’s why I refused them. In this way, the relationship between Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor ended here.

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