So in the cold, that’s why sparks are visible in the sweater.

The outbreak of cold has started increasing gradually across the country. People have started feeling shivering in the morning and evening. People take different measures to avoid cold. Sweater-jackets to get out of the house, then take the help of blankets inside the house. During the winter season, you must have often noticed that when we remove a woolen cloth or blanket after a long time in winter, there is a crackling sound or sometimes we see a spark. Do you know why this happens? There would probably be very few people who would know about this. Let’s know why blanket or woolen cloth looks like electricity or spark.

Just like when two electric wires or clouds collide, we get to see a spark, the same happens with sweaters and blankets. The science behind it is the same as that of stars and clouds. American scientist Benjamin Franklin had told in 1752 that lightning and the spark produced in clothes are actually the same phenomenon. But, it took more than 2000 years to collect concrete facts on this and to make them come true.

That’s why the spark is visible

When we remove sweater from our body in cold weather, the hairs stand up due to rubbing with our skin. After this, the charge gets collected in the clothes in one way. Also static electricity is generated. When the clothes come in contact with our skin, due to this static electricity, a situation of current arises while removing the sweater because the current of the clothes and the body collides in a way and we see sparks. Because of this attraction and repulsion, we also hear the sound of chatter. In simple language, the spark comes out due to static electricity which collects in hot clothes. This type of sound comes from synthetic or woolen clothes.

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On the other hand, when we are wearing cotton clothes or bare feet on the floor, this sound is not heard. The reason for this is that the electricity generated by friction enters the floor through the bare feet. That’s why we don’t hear the sound of spark. The air is the most dry in the cold season, so due to friction more intense electricity is generated, due to which the sound of chatter is heard.

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