Startups of India will not face any problem of money even in funding winter, this is how they will continue to get investment

Amitabh Kant on Startups: Startups all over the world are facing challenges these days. For more than a year, startups i.e. new companies are facing the problem of lack of funding (Startups Funding Winter). The recent banking crisis has made these problems more serious. However, Amitabh Kant, former Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog, believes that there will still be no problems for such startups, whose business model is good.

These startups will not have any problem

Amitabh Kant is currently playing the role of India’s Sherpa in G20. He was participating in the TiEcon Delhi 2023 startup conference on Saturday. In a session with Prashant Tandon, CEO, Tata 1MG, he said that Indian startups that have sound company operations and a good business model will not face funding problems even if venture capital funding is coming down. .

Amitabh Kant made this claim

Kant said, when you talk about winter of money and say that money is not coming, then let me just say that 2021 was an exception year. I still feel that those Indian startups, which have good company governance and have a good business model, will get a lot of money. He also claimed that soon Indian companies, corporate houses and insurance and pension funds will set aside money to invest in startups. I don’t think there will ever be a shortage of money for such startups.

This comment is relevant

This comment of Amitabh Kant becomes relevant because right now startups are facing difficulties in raising funds. Market volatility and concerns over macroeconomic conditions have made this difficult. Due to these reasons, many startups have had to resort to layoffs, including many Indian startups.

Such a huge potential market

Regarding the upcoming possibilities of startups, Kant said that the market for them is not only 1.4 billion Indian people, but also 4-5 billion people around the world, who are going to be part of the middle class. He also discussed about the importance of ease of doing business during this period and told that the government is trying to reduce the burden of the companies.

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