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Winter Tips: Every person should take special care of his lifestyle and food during the winter season. A little carelessness can invite diseases. In the cold season, the immunity system also becomes weaker than normal, due to which the very seasonal flu engulfs people. We all should make special preparations in the winter season so that the body becomes strong from inside and can fight against any kind of viral infection. Let us know what things you should take care of during the winter season and what should be done to stay fit every day.

do exercise everyday

Fitness trainer Aditya Gupta says that to keep the body fit in winter, exercise should be done daily. You can do different exercises according to age. By exercising, blood circulation is good in all parts of the body and heat remains in the body.

need to set goals

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Aditya Gupta says that if you are confused about your exercise, then you can consult a personal trainer, exercise psychologist or any other health expert for this. He said that one should set a goal for every day and then work on it.

find a partner

You must have often seen that doing excise alone doesn’t feel like it. Find a partner for the exercise to be good and long.

Warm up and stretching is important

To keep the body fit and warm in winter, we should do warm-up and stretching. This not only keeps the body warm, but also makes it easier to do other exercises. To do stretching, move your hands and feet, make neck movements and round your shoulders. To keep yourself fit in cold weather, you can do light warm-up and stretching at home. In warm-up, you can do light jumping, leg movement etc.

Brisk walking

Fitness trainer Aditi Gupta says that by doing brisk walking in winter, there is less pressure on our knees and the muscles of the lower part of the body work well. Morning walk increases the density of bones. Along with this, it also has a good effect on mental ability. Every person should walk at least 3 kilometers in winter.

take care of diet

In winter, we should take special care of our diet. Especially distance should be kept from things with cold effect and hot things should be consumed.

take care of skin

The skin starts getting dry in the winter season. This is because the air is dry in winter due to which our skin becomes dry. That’s why keep moisturizing your skin from time to time.

2 minute heat up

While leaving for excise in winter, take a little higher body temperature. It reduces the chances of getting cold as soon as you come out. Before leaving the house, do light stretching so that your body will be warm from inside. For this you can do light hand moment and jumping.

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