Strong bones are a sign of a long and healthy life, their health may have to be ignored

Health Tips: In today’s time when people have become more dedicated about jobs, it is becoming difficult to pay attention to their health. Young people today pay full attention to other things, but when it comes to health, they ignore it many times. But this ignorance can take a toll on your health. Due to work from home, most of the people work for long hours. The movement of the feet is not proper. In such a situation, many types of diseases start to surround.  Today we are talking about osteoporosis.  World Osteoporosis  The day is celebrated so that people can be made aware of this disease. Actually, with increasing age in this disease, the bones of the body also start weakening. Later, these weak bones invite many diseases. In such a situation, it is very important to live a good lifestyle to avoid these diseases. Today we are telling you that due to which the bones start becoming weak and what should be done in such a situation.
 Those who have thyroid, later on their bones also start weakening. However, this condition arises when the level of thyroid in the body  increases too much. That’s why it is important to keep the thyroid under control and start taking a balanced diet. 
calcium deficiency 
 Often when the bones start to weaken, calcium tablets are given, because the lack of calcium is the biggest reason for the weakening of the bones. This seemingly common problem can be harmful for you. Therefore, removing the deficiency of nutrients, start taking a healthy diet. With this diet, you can meet your calcium deficiency and avoid these diseases.

eating disorder
include super foods in the diet
 To live a healthy lifestyle, it is very important that you take full care of your diet, because this diet will help you to stay healthy and fit for lifetime. For this, you have to include things like tofu, curd, dryfruits, seeds, omega-3 fatty acids, green vegetables, turmeric etc. in your diet.
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