Such people should not eat guava

Guava Benefits: Keeping yourself fit in this busy life is no less than a challenge. If the weather is winter then the difficulty increases further. On the one hand, the mind has to be engaged in work, on the other hand, the body has to be protected from the cold. In such a situation, it is necessary that enough energy remains in the body in winter. The immunity of the body becomes weak in cold due to which the risk of viral infection increases. You can eat guava to get yourself fit and instant energy in cold weather. Guava is not less than a boon. It gives many benefits to our health.

From children to elders, everyone can eat guava. Know what are the health benefits of eating guava, as well as which people should keep distance from guava.


Keeps cold-cough-cold away

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It is common to have cold, cough and cold in cold weather. Vitamins and iron are found in abundance in guava and its leaves, which gives relief from cold and cough. Vitamin C found in it is also helpful in increasing eyesight.

The problem of constipation goes away

Nowadays people have the problem of constipation due to spoiled lifestyle and food. To get rid of the problem of constipation, one guava should be consumed daily. It also strengthens the digestion system

weight loss aid

Compared to other fruits, guava is helpful in weight maintenance. Dietary fibers are found in abundance in it, which do not let you feel hungry again and again.

Immunity is strong

Since the Corona year, people are taking special care of their immunity. To increase immunity, you should consume guava.

protects against cancer

Guava leaves have anti cancer properties which prevents cancer cells from growing. It has been found in many studies that guava leaf oil contains anti-proliferative substances which are helpful in preventing the spread of cancer.

It is better if such people do not eat

suffering from gas problem

People who have gastrointestinal problems should not eat guava at all. If you feel stomach pain or vomiting after eating guava, then it should be avoided.

People who are suffering from diseases like eczema should also avoid eating guava as it can cause skin irritation.

*eczema It is a disease in which a person has severe itching in the skin and the skin becomes dry.

Sugar patients should not consume guava.
Pregnant women and lactating women should also not eat guava.

– People whose operation is about to happen in the recent past, they should also not eat guava. This can cause problems in blood circulation.

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