T20 WC 2022, Semifinal: What will be the ‘mathematics’ of Team India to reach the semi-finals, know

T20 WC 2022, Semifinal: T20 World Cup 2022 (T20 World Cup 2022) started from 16 October. At the same time, its final will be played in Melbourne on Sunday, 13 November. The first round one matches were played in the T20 World Cup, in which four teams qualified and made it to the Super-12. At the same time, the teams present in Super-12 are looking towards the semi-finals. In this, the semi-final will be played between the number one team of Group-A and the number two team of Group-B. At the same time, the semi-final will be played between the number one team of Group-B and the number two team in Group-A. The semi-final matches will be played on November 9 and 10.

How will the place in the semi-finals

A total of 6-6 teams are present in Group-A and Group-B. Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are present in Group A. At the same time, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Netherlands are present in Group B. Team India present in Group-B is present at number two with one win. Any team present in both the groups will have to win a total of 4 matches to reach the semi-finals.

How will Team India be able to make a place?

It is worth noting that in the T20 World Cup last year, the Indian team failed to make it to the semi-finals in the Indian team. Indian team won a total of 3 matches out of 5. This time Team India has won its first match and now by winning only 3 matches, the team will make it to the semi-finals. So far in Group B, all the teams have played only 1-1 match, so it will not be right to say anything. In these matches, India and Bangladesh have won their respective matches, the rest of the teams have to face defeat. In this, the match played between South Africa and Zimbabwe could not be completed due to rain and both the teams have 1-1 point.

What is the condition of Group A?

In Group A, except Afghanistan and New Zealand, all the teams have played their 2-2 matches. Afghanistan has lost in the first match and New Zealand won the first match against Australia. At the same time, Sri Lanka, England, Australia and Ireland have won one match each. New Zealand are at number one in Group A due to their good run rate.

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