Take care of health in work from home, do not ignore these things

Work From Home Side Effects: Kovid has had a profound impact on our lifestyle. Office work has also been affected by the Corona epidemic. Markets have started opening after the Kovid epidemic, but work from home is still going on in many companies. During work from home, many types of physical problems (Work From Home Side Effects) have started due to sitting in front of laptop-computer for hours. Thousands of employees complain of neck and back pain due to sitting in the wrong way. Many people are leaving the job to avoid this problem. According to a report, 3 years ago, the number of unemployed people in the country due to this type of problem was about 20 lakhs, which has now crossed 25 lakhs. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, then these things should be taken care of during work from homeā€¦

adjust seating

When you work during work from home, your sitting position should be correct. Avoid working while sitting on the bed. You should arrange for a high chair and table at home, as you had in your office.

take a walk every now and then

In work from home, you should take a walk once in a while. Just as you used to get up frequently in the office for small tasks or used to hang out with your colleagues and take a walk after lunch, you should do the same at home. You must take a break of at least 3 minutes every 30 minutes. During this, also stretch the body a little.

Exercise 30 minutes daily

According to WHO, if you want to stay healthy, then at least 30 minutes of exercise should be done in between during work. It needs to be included in the daily routine. This gives relief from the problem of pain to a great extent.

keep water bottles close by

Keep a bottle of water close to you in the work frame. Due to which you can drink more and keep drinking water continuously. We must drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. It reduces many of your problems.

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