Take care of your loved ones from deadly dengue, know when platelets need to be offered

Dengue Prevention: For a few days, dengue is again wreaking havoc in many places of the country. Many people are falling prey to it. This fever is caused by the bite of a mosquito infected with the dengue virus. In dengue, the platelet count of the patient falls rapidly, then platelets are given to him. If the platelet count falls, the patient is at increased risk of bleeding and if the right treatment is not received at the right time, the patient can also die. When platelets are low, everyone needs to be given platelets or not, know here ….

Know when to donate platelets

According to doctors or health experts, the platelet count of all patients in dengue fever decreases. A healthy person has a platelet count of 1.50 to 4.50 lakh in the blood. If the platelet count of dengue patients falls below 20 thousand, then platelets are offered in this condition. This happens only in a small percentage of dengue cases. Most patients recover without proper treatment without platelet transfusion. However, on seeing the symptoms of dengue, a blood test should be done immediately and the doctor should be treated. Delay in treatment can make the condition serious.

Dengue can be fatal for such people

According to Dr. Anil Bansal, if the dengue fever is treated properly, it can be recovered in about a week. However, dengue can prove to be fatal for people suffering from serious diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, AIDS and cancer. Such people should be extra careful about dengue. At the same time, the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient can increase significantly due to dengue, due to which there is a risk of multi-organ failure. High or low BP can also be due to dengue. This fever can prove to be very dangerous for the elderly and young children.

These are the symptoms of dengue fever

High fever and severe pain, skin rashes, pain under eyes, joints and muscles, extreme tiredness, vomiting and nausea and abdominal pain are all symptoms of dengue fever.

Keep yourself and family away from dengue like this

To avoid dengue fever, you have to be protected from mosquitoes. For this, apply mosquito repellant cream or lotion. Sleep with mosquito net at night. In case of fever, consult a doctor and get a blood test done. If you get its treatment at the right time, you can recover from dengue within a week.

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